Sunday, May 30, 2010

Holiday Weekend...Graduation Party Style

It is Memorial Day weekend, but this year we did a college graduation party for my son Peter.  He's been asking me for this party for the past couple of years in anticipation.  I'm the Mom that doesn't let the kids have party's. I'm the Mom that is too afraid of confrontation with the neighbors, local police or anyone else that might complain about a bunch of 24/25 year old's having some fun a bit too late into the evening, but I'm happy to say I relinquished and planned the party.

Ya, I know it looks a lot like Elvis... but no, this is Peter in High School. He's a performer, always has been...always will be!

Ok, just kidding around, more current picture of Peter

"The Cake" depicting his 3 degrees.

And the catered food....(because I was too pooped out from the previous two party's and the Coffeehouse debacle! Tons of BBQ....more ribs than I've ever seen at one time!  We had beautiful weather and these kids (grown-up kids) were all really great guest!  Jack was swimming all day and we had expected him to sleep like a log last night, but instead he was restless all night. I'm guessing just too much excitement for a 5 year old in one day!  No more graduations for at least 13 years....:)  Thank you to everyone that came and helped celebrate with us!  The day would not have been complete without you!  I would have posted more pictures but I'm thinking not everyone wants their face on my blog...


  1. Oh wow...did you make that cake?!!!!!
    I love it...and yay for being a cautious mom who doesn't "do parties" but broke down and had an awesome one anyway:)

  2. When I can make a cake like will KNOW I made it because I won't stop bragging! LOL!
    Nah, I didn't make it, we got it at this bakery called the Cakery where they make these sort of ace of cakes style cakes. I did however announce to my "looking for work" daughter in law that we should go to school and learn how to make these, or heck even teach ourselves! Could be a nice little side job...:)