Monday, May 10, 2010

Replacing the kitchen faucet

I have all these party's coming up this month and for months have been telling Jim that we needed to replace this faucet. The faucet is only 8 years old, but I never had anything other then a stainless steel faucet before and had no idea the paint would start chipping. Once it started chipping, there was no stopping it and it deteriorated fast! Amazing how cruddy this looks in this photo! I swear all of this deterioration took place last week....;) yep...that's my story and I'm stickin to it...*g*


So the day I went to Home Depot for vegetable plants, I picked up a new one. It sat on the counter from Monday until Thursday when I realized Jim wouldn't be installing it until Saturday. So Saturday comes and dearest husband starts the change out around noon. A few missteps along the way, and four hours later, the new faucet is in! I just love it!


I wasn't certain how it would look, replacing with brushed stainless but I have to say I just love it, and it ties in nicely with the little splashes of stainless that can be found around the kitchen, not to mention the fact that with the high clearance, I no longer will have trouble filling pots with water or risk breaking my coffee carafe' every time I rinse it in the tight space. This faucet is made by Delta, and ran about $158 at Home Depot. In person it looks very much like the nickle ones they sell.
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