Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jack’s Garden…(sort of)

Monday morning my sister came over, warm krispy kreme donuts in tow, and she tagged along with Jack and I as we headed out to buy plants for the garden. We had a hard time finding as many vegetable plants as we had hoped and ended up with more seeds then I wanted. Jack of course loves this because that's what he thought it was all about anyway! Dad got the garden tilled for us this morning, so here we go....

Jack digging


  1. TOO CUTE! Kids and gardening go together. more people need to garden with their kids! way to go!

  2. Thanks Nadia! I'm praying the seeds germinate because I know we should have started these in small pots probably first, and much earlier in the season. If all goes well perhaps we will expand the gardening area next season.

    Love your site and just subscribed so I can read it more!

  3. I miss my little kids gardening, but I can still get them out there as teens if there are really yummy strawberries or figs for them to pick!