Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Attendance Gifts

I undertook a homemade gift project today. I have to just laugh at myself for giving this a go. When my 4 grown children were young, I was oh so crafty and use to make all their teachers gifts as well as Christmas gifts for the family. Back then I quickly learned my strengths as WELL as weaknesses! I have to say, time has done nothing to improve my abilities with anything to do with paint! In any case...I did give this a go, stenciling on simple flour sack towels.

The first one was terrible, and you're not EVEN going to get a peek at that one! LOL! The second one was also sort of messed up....

Those butterfly's started out as one pink heart on the right side. After finishing the other towels, and with a little more experience under my belt, I came back to this and tried to fix it. It's better, but still not great, but might pass as ok.

The one thing I think I did learn, was less was better and to keep it simple. (unless you are artsy) *g*

I ended up just using a tooth pick to apply some tiny dots. I would love some feedback as to whether you think these will be ok for attendance gifts for the Shower? It won't hurt my feelings, so be honest and any advice would be most welcome! Also, I'm just noticing that these colors may not be appearing true...the one is a very pale sage green and the other is a ballet pink style of pink.

I also wanted to share with anyone that isn't aware of this place ( I wasn't and I have a local store) Party City is the name of the store, and I was able to get everything I needed as far as disposable table ware goes, for a fraction of the prices I've seen elsewhere. I did dawdle on this chore, so ended up having things shipped next day. They offer so many colors that you're bound to find what you need.



  1. I knew you still had it in you- these are adorable!

  2. You think? Or are you just being very daughter like? ;)

  3. I think these are really great, too! So cute!