Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jack's gone back to pre-school...

I can't help it, I'm very sad today.  When we sold the Coffee House back in October, we took Jack out of pre-school.  I've just loved to death spending all of my time with him for the past 8 months, but with him being more or less an only child along with us living in a very mature neighborhood with next to no children, he was getting lonely.

I tried buying a dog...it sort of worked. He now has someone to wrestle and fight with (yes, he fights with his dog). Still though, he wanted to go back to school and he misses being around kids.   He actually misses it.  So Mon., Wed., and Friday's he will be at pre-school.

He turned 5 this past May and is old enough to go to kindergarten this year, but from my past experiences with raising my other boys I have decided not to start him until fall 2011.  I've wrestled with this decision as many of the kids I do know of, that have late birthdays are starting this year, but all the advice I'm gathering says that I am more apt to make the mistake in starting him too soon rather than too late. As a parent, I really hate having decisions to make that will effect him so profoundly.

Sooo....my next decision will be whether or not to have him go full time in the fall. I'm going to let the summer play out, then maybe I'll know what's best for him...or me!  I know I'm going to blink my eyes and I'll be throwing his graduation party...:(

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  1. Your son is so adorable and time does fly by. My oldest just turned 13! Crazy! I have to agree with you that waiting a year should be really good for him. Every decision we make does have such a huge outcome on their lives. One different choice and we have a completely different outcome. So much pressure!!!

  2. Hi Lynda! YES!! So much pressure! You know, my oldest son is 34 and his bday is in April and my second youngest sons bday is in July. The oldest I started at 5 and he always struggled, so when it was time for second youngest (who had the July bday) to start, I didn't think twice about waiting a year. Not sure why I'm questioning my decisions so much with Jack....

    So good to see you! Hope all is well in your world! I loved what you did for your boy's Birthday invitations! Hope the party went off without a hitch. :)

  3. My daughter was born November 11, 1997. I was held back in 1st grade because I just wasn't mature enough. That was back in 1969 when it wasn't popular to do that. My birthday is October 30th. Even when I was pregnant with natalie I knew that I might have to hold her back. When she was in pre K she was only 3 going on 4 and they put her with the 4/5 year olds. I should have listened to my gut and put her in the 3/4 year old class. They said she was doing fine but she just wasn't ready for big kid stuff yet. I thought she was going to have to redo preK and I felt bad about that. Well they closed one of the elementary schools (the company that bought her school) and they had a Junior Kindergarten class through 3rd grade. She had a lovely woman teaching Jr. Kindergarten. They did their K work in early AM and then did group activies (art, music, etc) with the bigger kids.

    When she started Kindergarten she was older than everyone but she was ready to learn. When I saw that she had to do a journal every day I was glad I waited. I would help her write a sentence and then she drew a picture. We still have the book and it's so fun to look back at.

    Anyways, recently she told me that she is glad I held her back because she wouldn't have been ready for the junior high/middle school angst that she deals with now. It pleases me to know I made the right decision.