Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Experiment with Wordpress

For any of my new friends that might stumble upon this blog, that looks so much like my blogspot blog...(though in a messy sort of way), I am doing an experiment.  Through my association with I have the opportunity to have my blog on it's own server along with using Wordpress.  This all started when I read an article I guess last week, about taking off your blogging training wheels.   Obviously, I need training wheels since I only started blogging about 3 weeks ago.  While reading this article though I kept thinking of what a hassle it would be to move to wordpress after I had an established blog.  By established I mean something I've managed to follow through on.   And I hope to make a ton of new internet friends along the way.

So's hard this wordpress and I'm actually pretty familiar with it from editing articles and even writing a few for koat...but jeez I never had to set that blog up!  That's the hard part.  It really is making me think about staying at blogspot where everything is pretty much point and click.  Yes there are limits, but I might just be able to live with the limits....

Tomorrows another day, I was mia today at the Cafe and need to get up there tomorrow to clear out the office!  Hopefully Jack is feeling better and we can get the rest of this taken care of!

Editing this to add that I found the most awesome of themes on WordPress that is completely customizable!  The theme is called  "Atahualpa" and now you can throw out my whole views on being hard.  It took me many hours but I now pretty much have things the way I want them to be here.  A bit more tweaking needs to be done but it's good enough that I don't have to mess with it anymore now, when I should be cleaning house...;)


  1. Hey there!
    This site is really looking great! How fun! Also, thanks for including me in the "blogs I love" section.
    Love you. xoxo

  2. Your welcome Em! Your blog almost always makes me laugh, or grin or just smile...

  3. Hello Sheree!

    Thanks for dropping by Deck The Halls Of HOME With JOY! So nice to meet you! Come on by anytime! Your blog is great! Thanks for following along! Have a great and safe Memorial weekend!
    Love, Brenda