Friday, May 7, 2010

Roses….de-stressing in the garden

Things have been very hectic this week around here. My Coffeehouse Cafe that my business partner and I sold in Oct. 2009 is coming back to us as the owner financed sale has failed. Many decisions having to be made at the moment, all while the Stock Market is doing it’s latest swan dive and I’m trying to photograph my beautiful roses while they are at their prime!

Soooo…I’m going to try to free myself of all worries and move it along here…:) This is an English Rose named Lady Guinevere. It is a Floribunda shrub rose and one of my favorites. All of these pictures are of the same rose bush, one day apart. Amazing how different the rose looks at different stages of blooming.

If interested, you can read more about this rose HERE. I bought mine many years ago from Jackson & Perkins, but they don't seem to have it available at the moment.

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