Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Closing down the Coffee House Cafe'

I guess it should be a sad day for me, but just now it's not. My Business Partner and childhood friend, along with our two most valuable and trusted employees (who also happen to be her son, and the other a long time dear friend to both of us) decided not to keep Java G's operating. Here's a link to our ex Coffee House if your interested in a peek...:)

We sold the Cafe back in Oct. 2009. Long story short, we owner financed and the business failed under the new ownership and basically he abandoned it, loan and all. For a short week or so, we considered keeping it running, but due to some circumstances out of our control, the decision was made last Friday to go ahead and shut it down.

So today was spent clearing out food. We had thought we were going to be open at least to the end of this week, so had gotten a recent food order. So lots of food! We divided up amongst us. I don't know how the others are faring, but I couldn't have fit one more thing in my frig, much less my freezer which is now full of frozen bread and cookie dough!

My overly stuffed refrigerator!

We had also just received a coffee order...:/

We have 7 of these very large jars (the picture doesn't do it justice, size wise) and I think we are each taking 2 home along with splitting up the coffee beans. And a full container of Mayan Mocha powder along with a nearly whole cheesecake. Yes I took the whole cheesecake, and also yes, I've decided to take it back tomorrow to see if someone else will take it! ;)

At the last minute I also grabbed the Cafe sign that always sat on the back end of the Espresso Machine. I actually didn't get a chance to ask said partner if she wanted the sign, so not sure it's staying. Initially I didn't think I wanted any reminders of the Cafe' but I'm now thinking as time passes, so will the more recent bad memory's and someday I will look back at this adventure in a more pleasant light. Heck, maybe partner and I can take turns with the Cafe' sign....:)

There's the Cafe' sign....

Just some random photo's of Java G's. I think I took these the last day we were there back in October.

These two photo's were taken when we were only open about 5 months. Good times those were...
Nearly 3 years has just flown by....

Tomorrow we will be going back in to clean out the Refrigerators, Freezers, Ovens and stoves, and clear out the office. We have movers coming on Wednesday to put things into storage for the time being. Everything has happened very fast and I think we need a bit of time to know which direction to take next. One door closes...another one opens...:)


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  2. i'd love to munch those very big cheesecakes, they are really tasty and sweet'.~