Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baby Shower Day!


Baby Shower has come and gone....

Let me just say I had a wonderful time planning and hosting this shower for my Daughter in Law. She is a lovely person and I really enjoyed trying to make her shower as special as she is to us. All the pictures below will enlarge when clicked on.

I had her invitations customized and printed at tiny*prints. They even addressed and mailed them for me.

The link above will give you a full size view of her invitations. (without all the addresses and phone numbers)

Danika's Mother brought this table cloth she had made for them with her from Florida.

She had the little poem embroidered in the center.

Table cloth before the pens got to it! :)

Catherine brought the cake from the Cakery...

I kept this small so as not to have a watermelon taking up half the table.

The cucumber sandwiches were made with  cream cheese and dill as opposed to butter.

It was 90 degrees here today, so these were especially refreshing!

Asparagus wrapped with homemade Boursin Cheese and  Prosciutto.

Ready to eat!

This was taken before the final table arrangement. Just throwing this one is because I failed to take a picture of the little decorations hanging from the chandelier. I stumbled across this adorable idea at Traci's Blog over at Beneath My Heart.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know we did! Heck, we were just happy that it wasn't raining and the sun was finally out!


  1. That looks like an amazing party. I love all the little touches, especially the clothesline of tiny clothes. Amazing that you were able to keep all the food color-coordinated. I would have a hard enough time coming up with a menu, let alone one that matched! Great job.

  2. Thanks Minnie! I had a blast planning this shower...though I would have preferred orange sherbet punch to the lime one...that was the only color coordinating that I wasn't fond of!