Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The rain has stopped! Yeah!!

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Finally….only 4 more days until my Daughter in Laws baby shower that I am hosting, and still so very much to do, BUT dear husband was able to get all the shrubs around the pool trimmed today.

Big job to be sure….

He did get these finished up tonight….

All of these yet to be done, plus the front yard….:/
Jack and I spent most of the day shopping  for things for the party. I think it’s been forever since I’ve shopped for anything for the house. I got all sorts of goodies, including some fabric Hydrangeas to replace the ones that have been on the deck arrangement for years now. This has been on my list for the last few years.

This is what they looked like after I took them out. They don't look too bad here actually, but take my word for it, they were horrid!

Much better now…the pink is a bit brighter than I actually want, but I’m depending on them fading in the sun.

I keep these out on that table all summer, and they look really pretty looking out from the family room windows.
I’m going to be working on things all week for the shower, making some simple attendance gifts and getting the decorations done. I hope to remember to take pictures as I do them. Thus far, the blogging thing hasn’t settled in very well and I forget to take pictures. Like Jack’s birthday party Sunday! Everything turned out smashing, and after every bit of food was gone, I thought “Shoot, I was going to take pictures”! (same with the hydrangea arrangements) I’m guessing blogging one’s activities isn’t second nature….:)

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