Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Free Senior Drink.... what the heck???

Today I had one of those moments in life that will forever be etched in my mind....  Like the first time I noticed I was no longer being carded at the grocery store, age 35.  The first time a bag boy at the grocery store asked "Ma'am, do you need help with your bags"? (also  35) Hmm....first grey hair, again 35.  Until I just typed that out, I had not remembered 35 being such a tumultuous year!

I decided that instead of watching the stock market all day, I would get some nagging errands run.  So I drop Jack at his summer pre-school program (I'm emphasizing summer program to reduce the guilt involved here) and I head off to Kohl's to pick him up some dress clothes and shoes for a wedding he is actually invited to this Saturday.  He is VERY excited  about being allowed at a wedding.  He danced all night at his big sisters wedding this past September (that's him to the right, I know...looks like he's imitating James Brown) and was devastated to learn soon after that children are seldom included in such festivities!  Anyway, I'm getting off course here....

So after a quick stop off at home, I head back out and decide to stop at Taco Bell since I've been craving a Steak Baja Chalupa (with guacamole) for what seems like weeks, and also so I will spend less money once I get into the grocery store.  I go to the counter, and order my Chalupa and ask for the very smallest size drink they have. I do this all the time if I go there, and several times in the past they have just given me the little cup for free. I always thought they were just being nice.  Today however, the "sweet" girl behind the counter says to me..."Oh, you get a free senior drink with that".   She then proceeded to give me my little blue cup, as I'm pretty sure my mouth had dropped.  Senior drink?  My mind was racing....I didn't recall her asking my age....Senior drink....OMG... really...she didn't actually just say that....

I sit down to eat....really no longer even wanting one sip of my free "senior" coke.  Instead I start texting.  First my daughter, then my husband, then one of  my internet friends.  Not even sure why I started texting.....but the next time someone starts spewing about how young I look....or says 51! Your 51 really? I'm going to tell them, yes REALLY.  Heck, I might even tell them I'm 55 or 60 then they really will think I look young for my years! LOL! (that's actually my sisters line)

So I finished my errands, receiving no more senior discounts for the remainder of the day and I then proceeded to pick up my 5 year old from pre-school (summer program that is, sort of like camp).  Isn't that ironic?

I did a quick search on google.  This was one of the decent search results I found at  And these are some of the results listed. The age for being considered a senior seems to run the  gamut between 50-65 yrs. with most falling around 55.  Banana Republic gives a 10% discount at age 50. I could maybe go for that one!  ;) 

AMC Theaters
A discount of up to 30% is available for ages 55+ at most theater locations.

Everyday. 15% discount on adult rail fare with some exclusions. Ages 62+.

A 10% discount at participating locations. Ages 55+.

Banana Republic
10% discount everyday. Ages 50+. Discount and age may vary by location.

First Tuesday of the month. 15% discount. Ages 55+.

Best Western
At least 10% off regular room rates. Late checkouts and other offers also available. Ages 55+.

Burger King
A 10% discount at participating locations. Ages 60+.

A 10% discount at participating locations. Ages 55+.

Choice Hotels
Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Quality, Sleep Inn, Clarion, Cambria Suites, MainStay Suites, Suburban, Econo Lodge, Rhodeway Inn
Everyday. 10% discount with Mature Travelers rate. Ages 50+.
20-30% discount with advanced reservations (Sixty Plus Rate). Ages 60+.

Every Wednesday. 15% discount with some exclusions. Ages 55+.

10% discount one day a week for ages 55+. Specifics may vary by location.

5% discount on unrestricted passenger fares. Ages 62+.

Everyday. 33-cent drinks. Ages 65+.

Hollywood Video
10% off all rentals and purchases. Ages 60+

Save up to 50% at participating hotels. Ages 62+.

A 10% discount at participating locations. Ages 55+.

Jiffy Lube
Many locations offer a discount for ages 55+.

Gold K presciption discount program. Up to 20% discount on prescription medication. Ages 50+.

Every Wednesday. 15% discount. Ages 62+. (Day may vary by store)

Day varies by location. 10% off total order. Ages 60+.

Long John Silvers
Discount for ages 55+ at participating locations.

Marriott Hotels
A discount of at least 15% for ages 62+. Good seven days a week.

Everyday. Discounted senior coffee.

Motel 6
10% discount at over 900 locations. Ages 60+

A 10% discount at participating locations. Ages 60+.

National Car Rental
Everyday. Call 1-800-CAR-RENT for details. Ages 50+.

National Parks
Free entrance to national parks with purchase of $10 America the Beautiful Senior Pass.

Regal Cinema
A discounted senior movie ticket for ages 60+.

Rite Aid
Join the free Living More Loyalty program, and save 10% off most purchases Tuesdays, plus 10% off cash prescriptions and Rite Aid brand products everyday. Bonus: Get 20% off purchases the first Tuesday of the month.

10% off on Tuesdays for ages 55+ at participating locations.

Everyday. 10% discount. Ages 60+.

$2 off hair cut. Ages 60+.

Taco Bell
Free drinks for seniors at participating locations.

A 10% discount at participating locations. Ages 55+.

A 10% discount at participating locations. Ages 55+.

I don't think I'm ready for this stage of my life to begin....just sayin...:/


  1. Hi, Sheree, cute post! thanks for coming by & for your great comments. Hope you'll try that Fusion paint, it is great stuff.

  2. Rhoda, I haven't used the fusion yet, but I did use the hammered finish on my fireplace screen recently. I know this much about spray painting...once you finish, you find yourself looking around to see what else you can paint!
    btw...your blog was the very first blog I saw on the internet. I still have your "framing the bathroom mirror" project on my list of things to do!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You're too funny! For what it's worth, I don't think you look a day over 35. :)

  4. Aww...thanks baby girl! But you would say that. It's ok, for everything there is a season right? ;)

  5. This post really made me laugh! Not the content but the way you tell it. I love it when you speak candidly. Thanks for sharing this and BTW I definetly do not think you are "senior discount" material. xo

  6. You should have told Kohl's you were 62! Then, you could have gotten a discount on the clothes! Talk about looking WAAAAAY younger than you are!

  7. Cristy, I was at Kohls again this morning making some exchanges and then of course additional purchases, and dang it all...I didn't think of that! *g*
    I just thought of something...Once you do hit 62/65 I bet they start carding you to get those really good discounts! Ha! That could be something to look forward to!!

  8. I love discounts! I have awhile to wait before I reach "senior" status but I plan to milk it for all it's worth! Embrace those free drinks!!

  9. Glad I could make you laugh Em! Just think of it as pay back...;)

  10. Beth, so nice of you to stop by! Your adorable little button sugar cookies was the second of your blog entries that I have bookmarked. The first being the Chicken Alouette, which I made for a crowd of family that was over for Jack's 5th Birthday! It was of course a glorious success! (this was before I was blogging or there would be pics! lol)

  11. I think the person serving you the beverage must have been having a senior moment! That is crazy but as I always say if we were all normal we wouldn't have so much to crack up about and the world would be a really boring place! For instance I was at a wedding Friday night and Vanilla Ice just started playing. A blond lady flew into a frenzy, ran up to the d.j., grabbed the microphone and then proceeded to rap out the song word for word with great passion and enthusiasm. I couldn't have paid for better entertainment! After that she was ripping up the dance floor when that apple bottom jeans and the boots with the fur song came on - I looked at my friend and said Uh-Oh! Her skirt was really short and of course she had to go low, low, low and with that she put on another great show flashing the tablegoers! Priceless!

  12. Oh Lynda! Too too funny!! And you're right, weddings are some of the best "free" entertainment around! I would have loved to have heard the Vanilla Ice karaoke! Bet it was "Ice Ice Baby"!