Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Everybody Ought to Know About Crafting

Crafting isn't easy.   It looks easy and it sounds easy, but it's really hard!    Another thing, blogging isn't easy.   Everyday, every post, I learn something that I did wrong.   Yesterday I made the mistake of declaring that I was going to decoupage this file box.  The mistake was not deciding to decoupage the box, the mistake was telling ~you~ that I was going to decoupage the box before I had even tried to do it!  Decoupaging is hard....don't children decoupage?  So before I show you my box (umm...cough)...I'm going to list the important things I learned NOT to do when decoupaging.  (editing to add; at least not as a beginner)

1. Do not use thick paper meant for scrapbook pages (no matter how much you love it)

2. Do not decoupage on curvy items with corners.

3. DO NOT decoupage on anything with a one piece hinged lid.

4. Do not let your dog have access to your paint brush.

5. Do not try to layer more thick paper over your mistakes.

I will say I am not totally hating my box, it is going to be just my box after all. I do think though that I might order some special paper and redo it at some point. I found this paper that I think is the same as the scrapbook page that I used. I think even the corners and hinged lid would have worked with thinner paper. Without further ado....my 3D index box! (yes, that's what I'm calling this project now. 3D Decoupage) It's ok to laugh....I'm laughing! :)

So you remember the before....

the beginning...(this part was fun..)

and the first few larger pieces were looking sweet....

but then I started noticing the layered look it was taking on....

I thought the layers of mod podge I was going to apply would level these out...lolololol

Anyway, don't laugh....finished project (actually, you can laugh. It's ok cause I can't hear you!)

Just kidding...but I did consider posting the pictures just like that!

All of the above pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.   I just didn't want to freak anyone out that just happened by and I certainly didn't want to spend the time writing a badly done craft disclosure to post at the top of my blog.

As you can see  though,  all my little cards are back in place.  This is important so I don't forget to brush my teeth before I crawl in between the sheets tonight! ( that's a joke...sort of) ps...I think that's going to be my new tag line.

Speaking of sheets, it's time to go wash mine! (the little weekly card is telling me so)

Hope you're all enjoying your day! (it's one a kind)


  1. Heavier paper just means you have to plan more. Thin paper does help, but I like the way it turned out!

    3-D decoupage is also another name for paper tole http://www.ehow.com/how_4488799_paper-tole-art.html

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing the paper tole link. I didn't know there was really a 3D decoupage, I was just trying to be funny! I could see where more planning would have been helpful with the heavier paper, because really, most of the bad parts are from over lapping due to being unhappy with either the way something looked or how the paper was torn. An exceto knife would have been useful as well!

  3. Hahaha...oh you are too funny! I know what you mean about blogging and telling then having to do and then show and explain.....It's a scary business this blog life;)
    And when I saw the pic of the finished product from a distance on your table I had to chuckle...and was disappointed, until I saw the close up. I thought you REally were only going to show it that way!
    By the way- I do love the box...it's adorable:)
    Can you make me one? :))))))) (Just kidding...I wouldn't make you do it again...but it IS very adorable!)
    Good work.
    Craft away....there are some of us who don't go near the crafts!!!! Those of you who can- SHOULD!:)
    Happy day...

  4. Dawn, don't you think for a second that I didn't consider posting "far" away or out of focus images! ;)
    Do you think that we can use this "tell then show" with the blogging thing to our personal advantage? A way to keep us from procrastinating or just a way to get us going to do something....anything? That's my thought on it anyway, and as far as the outcome goes...you all just get to laugh with me and think to yourself, "Hey, if she can do that, so can I"! (and probably better at that!)
    Hope you have a great day and that the sun is shining! :)

  5. Yes! Crafting is difficult at times. I first decoupaged a shoe box a couple months ago. Posted it to my craft blog asking WHAT DID I DO WRONG!!!??? The paper I used was too thin OR I used too much decoupage! lol. I got a couple replies on that. I left the box as is... wrinkly paper and all! Check it out: http://scrappinpenny.blogspot.com

    Did you receive my REPLYME comment reply?

  6. Oh here is the link to the actual decoupaged shoe box post: http://scrappinpenny.blogspot.com/2010/04/help-please-modge-podge.html

  7. I did! Very cool! I have never replied to a post from the dashboard...I always just go to the post. Giving it a go now though! lol

  8. Ahh, thanks for the link! Looks like I need to get one of those little rollers since I'm going to redo this with thin paper that I ordered. Reading the comments on that box post, there is actually a mod podge Amy... I think I came upon her blog while I was searching out decoupage tips. I would have just died if she found mine! LOL!

  9. This is so beautiful - can't believe how one can make something this wonderful out of an ugly grey box..magic...

  10. Thank you Claudia really....such a sweet thing to say! I know it's not great and certainly not perfect, but I have this motto I have taken on... "fake it, until you make it". It makes me feel content...:)
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  11. I love the box. I don't think it looks bad at all. Very cute! What do you keep in there? list of chores? do you have a system? I'm going to decopauge something for a clip board, but I'm going to decopauge the paper (or just glue it) and then scan it. Then I'll use the copy on the clipboard so I have a smoother surface to write on. This one will go in the kitchen. Then I'm making a girly pink one for my office area in my bedroom. oops!! I shouldn't say anything ahead of time.

  12. Yes! Lesson learned about saying anything ahead of time here! I already have bought a new box and new paper to try a do over of this project. I do have a system and really I use the box for everything in my life. I use it for my address book, recipes (which is why I just got a double wide one) and chore cards. I'm funny that way, I need help with focus and direction and having the cards is the closest thing to someone telling me what to do next! :)