Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lest we Forget...

Happy Independence Day!  As the mother of 4 sons, none of which have served in the military, this is always some what of an emotional day for me.  I'm not a political person, not because I don't have personal views but just because I have learned it creates too much negative emotion in my gut, so I'll leave the politics for another.

On this day though, my heart hurts for the Mothers, Fathers, Wives, families and close friends of soldiers that are serving, have served and those that have lost their lives defending our freedoms in this country. And let us not forget what it's all about, what it's always been about because I think as we often live our busy lives we do tend to forget what this country was founded on. What the men that signed that notorious piece of paper some  234 years ago personally went through and the sacrifices they made and the dangers they faced...just by signing their names.

The Declaration of Independence, signed this day in 1776

Have you ever read this Declaration?  I will admit to the fact that I have not read it in it's entirety, at least not as an adult. I'm pretty certain that I did read it while in elementary school.

My guest won't be arriving until around 2:00 pm today, yet I am all prepared and have the time on my hands to do just that.   So this Independence Day, I'm going to refresh my mind of the history of this day, what it means to me now and what I think it should mean to me.   I'm thinking now that perhaps, instead of having decorative flags hanging out back, I should have framed a copy of the Declaration of Independence.  Actually....I think I'll print out a copy now to have around today.  Maybe someone else would like to read it as well....Here are two links for anyone else that wants a 4th of July reading assignment! *g*  (the links...same words just different formats)

The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence and I'll go ahead and throw in a link to the  U.S. Constitution , just because it's even more interesting!


  1. We had to memorize certain parts in elementary school. I think that's also the last time I read it.

  2. Seems like I remember having to memorize it at some point as well, or certainly took a test on it! :)