Monday, February 20, 2012

How Do You Re-Boot Your Blog?

A bit ago I checked my email and found a notice letting me know that my domain for "The Re-Fluffed Nest" was set to auto renew within the next 90 days. May to be exact. So now the head spinning begins. What to do, what to do? I just don't know. I did love blogging and I felt like it helped invigorate my creative side, but like most things I do, once it started feeling like a chore I slowly lost interest until it became a distant memory...all be it one that nagged at me from the shadows of my mind.

To bad all of this didn't come to the forefront just a bit earlier. Since early January, soon after my mother took a fall in which she broke her wrist, I've been  working on making her home safe for her to continue to live in. Aging in place is the popular name for it right now. In any case, I'm nearly finished and sadly didn't document the process. The point is, it would have made a great blog post. Everything from making a home safe for an elderly parent living alone, to organizing, getting rid of hot spots (paper piles...;) to even decorating! Just this past weekend I made her a memo/calendar board just because I couldn't find anything that suited our needs. Heck, I even got to use spray paint! But alas, no pictures of that little project either.

Anyway, long story's time for me to decide if "The Re-Fluffed Nest" will go on...or slowly ride off into the sunset of retired blogs. I'm going to give it some serious thought over the next week or so. I do have another little project I'm starting at moms soon. It has to do with inlaying a mosaic tile into her back splash where a hole from an old removed vent was removed many moons ago. Perhaps doing something I've never done could end up being worthy of sharing!

Take Care,



  1. I always love when you blog. :)

  2. Thanks Catherine! Funny...I now have like four post I would like to blog, but with Jack home sick (and yes, he's still home sick...:( I haven't been able to get to it!