Monday, September 20, 2010

Houseworks Holiday Plan ~ Week 3?

Ha! My intentions were so good, I promise they were.  I know what's going on, so I'll let you all in on it.  I am a bit of a rebel.   Not that I drive on the wrong side of the street or dye my hair pink. Nope, not that sort of rebel.  My rebellion is against myself.  For instance, my blog.  I love blogging but once it started feeling like an obligation of some sort I started "pushing" against it.  Avoiding it, staying busy with other things or convincing myself I just don't have time today even though all sorts of crazy stuff has been going on in my life to blog about.  I have the same problem doing anything on a regular basis.  Here is a short list of some of the things I have a problem following through on and consistently "push against"

  1. Taking Vitamins

  2. Exercising

  3. Skin Care

  4. Calling my Mom

  5. Calling anyone

  6. Laundry

  7. Any sort of household plan

So there you are!  I know there are others out there like me because I use to hang out at a place called "SHE'S In Touch".  A group of women on line that found each other thanks to a website put together at the time by Pam Young and Peggy Jones, who wrote the book Side Tracked Home Executives. The forums as they were, are long since gone and  replaced by "Flylady's" site, which I'm sure many of you are familiar with.  Anyway, I digress....

Today I am going to try to "right my ship" once again and get started, all be it 3 weeks late, on the Houseworks Holiday Plan.  I know I originally said I was going to do the Holiday Grand Plan, but I've diverted from that idea after reading all the organized plans that are out there.  I've decided that this one fits the bill perfectly for me.

I already put together my Holiday Notebook. Go HERE for the lowdown on this plan as well as links to all the print outs you would need if you wanted to play along.

I do happen to have  a copy of Cynthia Ewers House Works but I don't think you need it to follow this plan as she really does list most every step on line at her site "Organized Christmas". Also, I got a few print outs from the Holiday Grand Plan Yahoo group that I joined when I was planning on using that system.  I took some photos this morning of the Holiday planner I put together along with the pages I did print out.  I'll tell you right off the bat, that I pretty much printed what I thought I would use and tried not to go over board on this thing. Keep in mind I am starting three weeks late here, though the first week consisted mostly of putting your Holiday Notebook together, which I did complete. Basically I missed the week of working on my front porch and foyer and I think I can take care of this along the way. If I got the print outs anywhere other than Houseworks Holiday Plan, I will make note of it under the image.  And up front, I would like to thank Cynthia for putting together such a wonderful site over at Organized Christmas as well as Organized Home.  She has kept this site going for many years now, with little help and I'm next to certain, little money. And she does it for all of us out here that are Housework challenged! A noble mission I believe!  Ok, so on to the images...:)

This is a detailed list I printed off of the Yahoo "Holiday Grand Plan" Group.
You are required to become a member of this group to have access to these files.
This print out is the whole kit and caboodle, not necessary but I printed it for sort of a guide and something to refer to when I feel lost.

I printed these off to use for Jack and to give to my daughter in law to use with my Grandsons for both of us!

This is just a daily schedule that some wonderful woman at the Holiday Grand Plan Yahoo group made available to everyone.
I'm hoping she won't mind me sharing it with you. If you want it for yourself, once you have joined the group, it's available in the files section.
I made many copies of this to try to keep myself on some sort of schedule since I've been ignoring my box!
Shoot, I forgot to put "ignoring my SHE  box" and index cards to my opening list.  Just make that number 8!

This is a pocket that is in the back of the notebook. I intend to use this to hold receipts from Christmas Gift purchases.

So there you go! I hope this is of interest to someone besides me.  Having an organized home has always been important to me, but a struggle as well.  Just to catch you guys up on some other stuff that's been going on, this might become the Strega Nona of post!

Last week we bought a new refrigerator! It's totally awesome and very stylish. It's an LG French Door, with double freezer drawers on the bottom. I love, love, LOVE this thing not to mention the extra space I have now with having the old refrigerator in the garage.

The other big thing that's been going on in my life is that I finally watched the documentary movie "Food Inc" .  I knew about this movie well before it was released last year per an email campaign by one of my sister in laws.  I knew once I saw this movie I would be compelled to make major changes in our lives, so I ignored it....until now.  The resulting aftermath of viewing the film was my first trip to Whole Foods Market.  I fell in love with the store the minute I walked through the doors, and since giving up some "bad" habits lately, habits that cost me a lot of money, I've decided to apply that money saved towards feeding my family healthier food.  You guys don't know this about me, but I have a tendency to become a bit passionate ( obsessive) with anything that I truly believe in.  So this is my new kick.  Hopefully it never gets added to my "list" of things I don't keep up with!

Later this week, I'll start posting on my progress and the things I'm doing with the Houseworks Holiday Plan!  I'm reinvigorated and ready to get this show on the road!  PS....for all of you that have been asking about Jack and how he is liking/doing in school...He is just LOVING it!  And I mean really loving it.  When he goes to bed at night he is already excited for the next day!  Don't you just love when you know a decision you made turned out to be the right one?

Happy Monday to all of you!


  1. Oh boy...that looks very super-organized...hmmmm....I was actually thinking of going away for Christmas so I didn`t need to do anything;))
    Thanks for the Food Inc. link...I took a look at the trailer...I would really like to see that! I have changed my eating A LOT over the last few months. Not gonna say I`m a vegetarian - yet....but I`m starting to wonder.....
    (I do LOVE my garden! I know everything is definitely safe...(i hope)..there:))))

    Happy week to you Sheree...been missin`ya:)

  2. Hi Dawn! You know, I will never be a vegetarian, I just love meat too much. But I would like to have meat that is being raised naturally, humanly and in a safe environment and not being filled with antibiotics and growth hormones. (which I found at Whole Foods) And of course you love your garden, because you know exactly what's going into you and your family's body's when you feed them from it! This shouldn't have to be so hard right?
    Hope your having a wonderful and productive day my friend!

  3. This looks like a great plan, Sheree.

    I was just thinking about the Holidays the other day and again, early this morning when I walked through the living room. I was wondering where the tree will go, with the new LR arrangement. That is so like me...wondering about the Christmas tree placement!

  4. OOPS! Just noticed the earlier comment has my old addy. I corrected it for this one.

  5. Hi Sheree,
    I don't think I would have much luck with that plan this year... with my mom and her hubby staying with us (but worth it). :) I'm still wondering how it will work out for the holidays with such a full house this year.
    I'll enjoy seeing how this helps you with your holiday planning. :)
    Hope you have a great week,
    ~ Jo :)

  6. Sheree, you just MADE MY DAY with your kind words about the Organized Christmas site.

    Yes, as you pointed out, it's a labor of love. Every year, I have to justify the existence of this Web site to the "business guys", because keeping it online and free really doesn't make any economic sense.

    They want me to do what other people do: charge money for our resources and forms. They point to the scrapbooking class that costs $25 a person, the checklist place that wants $30, the print book that goes for $32 .... and they remind me that we just barely cover expenses with the OC site. It's just not the kind of Internet site that makes much more than it costs to provide--and some years, it falls a little bit short.

    Somehow you realized what is in my heart: that the Organized Christmas site is a ministry. Even if it doesn't make "dollars and sense", it is a venture that I believe in--because I KNOW how many people find their way there, and use what we offer to move forward to more meaningful, more joyous holidays. As long as I can make it happen, I want to keep those resources available and free to everyone ....

    But it is SO rare that one of our readers picks up on this! You are VERY special, and reading this post, well, I just got a little case of the snifflies.

    Thank you, honey. You really did make my day.

    Love, Cynthia

  7. Cynthia, now you have made my day as well! I know you won't remember me, but we were somewhat acquainted back when the SHE site was hot! My handle back then was wannabe, which got shortened over the years to wanners. (I think Wacky Woman started that nick name) I've since pretty much given up on using internet handles!

    Anyway, I'm so happy to see you carry on the fight even though I'm sure there isn't much glory in it these days. Much of what has happened over the years with where we all started, and many ended up, has saddened me and I'm so happy I still have your site to refer to when I'm feeling overwhelmed and a little off kilter! You take good care and know that for everyone of your readers that speak up, there are more than likely 99% more that don't, but appreciate you all the same!

  8. WANNABE? Of course I remember!

    Some days, I really miss the old, early SHE group. Life goes on, I know, but those early days had a special, sweet bond.

    Now that we have so many options, it seems harder to find that special group of friends. I mean, really--there were so many giggles to be had. Whether it was eyebrow-raisers like "BA" and (blush) "trimming the tarantula" or celebrating with our friends day-to-day, it seemed easier back then.

    Perhaps because it was. Every blogger knows that the more folks you follow, the thinner you are spread.

    That's why it's extra-special to meet up with an old online buddy. Love it!


  9. Sheree,
    I found my way here by way of your comment at TIA and have been enjoying moseying around all you have here. I was completely transfixed by this page: it so calls out to my own inner organization wannabe.

    Have you stopped blogging at last? That would be a loss to the like-minded!

    I've never had much time for forums but have lately become interested. It's probably pilot error on my part, but I just can't seem to find a comfortable place. When I google "seniors" (or variations on my demographic) I get places where I truly don't feel at home. Would you be able to suggest? (For blogs, I'm loving "privilege," "a femme d'une certaine age", for example.)

    Love your style. Thanks so much for what you've contributed already!

  10. Hi Linda!
    So sorry I just got your comment approved, as I just saw it. I'm so glad you enjoyed this post.
    As for have I stopped blogging...I ask myself that same question from time to time. I'm pretty sure the answer is that I have not stopped blogging. I think I'm going to refer to it as a blogging vacation to refresh my mind!

    I have many favorite blogs, most are listed on the home page to this blog on the rgiht sidebar. If you could tell me where your interest lie, I could perhaps point you in the right direction. The organized home link that is in thiis post is a very good blog. The onwer of that site posted in the comment section of this post as well.

    So glad you found me, and maybe you will be my insperation to start writing once more.